About us

We aim to inspire, to be innovative and bring a fresh air in the business sector.

Our Advantages

Kerketia has the know-how and tools to make its customers the protagonists in the demanding and competitive business arena.

It reshapes the operating framework by applying modern organizational practices. It automates the daily workflow by designing and applying cutting-edge methodologies. It provides a holistic support approach with personalized administrative services and ongoing training to existing staff.

Kerketia offers an organized and complete scheme of high-quality administrative outsourcing services, as they arise from the requirements of digital transformation.

Digital Integration

Kerketia is responding to the current wave of business change. Using a digital platform, the customer achieves instant communication, assigns new tasks easily and quickly, prioritizes, modifies and monitors processing time. The specially trained Virtual Assistant offers instant access by responding to commands, providing information and assisting in daily tasks.
This maximizes the quality and efficiency of the work produced, increases the turnover and strengthens the Net Working Capital of the company.
Kerketia becomes the single point of contact by creating a new culture for SMEs, entrepreneurs and freelancers, that are smoothly entering the era of digital transformation by receiving efficient, reliable services using a fast, flexible and quality system.

What We Stand For




To become the catalyst in the growth of businesses, increasing turnover and creating new jobs


To offer high level marketing and administrative support to companies with quality – speed – efficiency making the daily workflow easier


To facilitate companies to dedicate themselves to their core business activities to achieve maximum growth.

CSR & Sustainability

Kerketia’s high priority is to serve the ESG criteria. Respect for society and company employees are non-negotiable principles and values for Kerketia.
Additionally, we address the growing unemployment rate of single-parent families and women in general by enabling significant women to return to the labor market by choosing the desired number of hours of remote working.

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