The trusted partner in empowering and renowning businesses and freelancers who aspire to be protagonists in the competitive business arena

We provide a holistic support approach with personalised outsourcing Marketing & Administrative Services and ongoing training to existing staff, addressing to the needs of businesses. 

Through digital project monitoring & communication tools, the client assigns new tasks easily and quickly, monitors the processing time, sets the order of priority issues, and has a back office to help him during the day.

A holistic package of services addressing to the needs of businesses

Professional virtual assistant and secure working environment within 24 hours

Within 24 hours Kerketia provides you with a fully equipped working space and a virtual administrative assistant ready to work on your project. You communicate with our team, we analyse your project goals and find the professional with a matching skillset. You receive access to a private project room where you exchange messages, hold audio and video calls, share and create documents and track your project progress – everything without leaving our secure environment. We only hire professionals with confirmed identity, skills and credentials and allow you to skip hiring and onboarding altogether and start working on your project immediately.


Training Seminars

Seize the opportunity to acquire modern skills that will give you a strong advantage in the competitive business environment. Make your choice and upgrade your skills by attending one or more of the offered training seminars with experienced and renowned lecturers.



Highly trained professionals with many years of experience in the whole range of business activity, offer innovative and high-quality services to companies and freelancers, aiming for the development and consolidation of our clients in their field of activity.